Running in between squalls past 3pm. and 3kms.

I wanted to sweat so bad I waited for the rains to stop. And so in between hooked on the Garmin 401 and an H20 mp3 player and took off. Sportstracklive’s calendar for this week looked quiet for me so might as well add color to it even though I wasn’t really in good shape. I was sleepy, tired and crummy after a mid-afternoon lunch and not the best nutrition-wise. I just crammed as much pork and rice just to feel full and lots of banana’s as filler. The mp3 player was acting up so I had to stop and fix it to work on stereo sound. Several times it did and I made a personal excuse to rest in between as I was huffing anyways. My legs felt like lead and after every stop it felt better and better as the sweat was starting to flow. It’s unusual for me to be running past 3kms. and at past 3pm. but trying to run in between rainy squalls was the idea here.


The morning shift run..a first.

I couldn’t have done it better. The 10pm to 6am shift has it’s toll on me as any other day but this morning was different. Coming from a weekend am back to sleeping after lunch so I hope. There was no sleepiness on the job and I was worried about tossing and turning on my bed especially with light drapes. I wish it was dark as a bat’s cave and no ray of light whatsoever. I knew I had to do something and going for a topless run around my neighborhood would definitely be a enriching melatonin effect. I was starting to look pale compared to a month back. I just downloaded progressive house tunes and with 8mb per song I thought it would be a 3 track run and so it was. I was running into the sunlight and away and around the tree shadows that dotted Villamonte. The usual people were still sipping their coffee and trying to yawn it out. As for me I have to be tired so hopefully an easy sleep would happen in two hours time. It was a nice cooler on the balcony which took an hour to shed off sweat just enough time to upload the tracks onto GPS Trackmaker and onto sportstracklive. Now my calendar is getting full again for August. How I wish it was the tradewind season so I can start doing watersports but would have to settle with what’s doable. And to make things better this is a first for me jogging this early in the morning..nice!

Running for sweat without much sleep.

I was happy to run despite a lack of sleep from work. Work starts at 10pm to 6am for me and the time for sleep can’t really be scripted. It’s either I was too groggy or couldn’t understand if I was just sleepy. But for today I just decided to sleep from 8am till around 12noon then decided to run as it was getting hot. The sun was peering into the room despite the drapes and I hate a glint of light when sleeping but I won’t complain because I made a run through our neighborhood in the mid afternoon. I hate running and the only thing that keeps me going is the urge to exercise. If it wasn’t for a gps unit and a track analysis software to me it’s non-sense. Being a smoker isn’t the best complement for running. I went to the grocery store to buy the essentials and bought myself some nutrition water and cereal bars just to give me a bit of boost. It was the same kind of neighborhood run where I had to pace a pedicab to make running smoother and tried to avoid wandering street dogs.My legs were like jelly and just had to overcome it. I wanted to fit it in my schedule so I could sleep at least another hour in the late afternoon. ¬†Even as I write this and had done finishing the uploading process and a quick shower my sweat is still pouring out from my pores with the airconditioning at full blast. The walls of this house just seem to ooze like an oven. I do really miss being in the water as always but for now this¬†will do and hopefully in the next few days.