GPS tracking without the guessing

Am so addicted to using a bicep mounted GPS I can’t imagine doing sailing, windsurfing, running and etc..without one. It has been my sparring partner who hasn’t failed me  for a couple of years now. It doesn’t complain what weather conditions and what time of the day. With the help of http://www.sportstracklive. com it has taken out the boredom at times and injected a few cc’s of adrenaline into my mindstream making a lousy day more lively.

It used to be “yeah I must have ran at least 25kts. or I must have jogged 5kms” but not anymore with the help of advanced technology and streamlining these gadgets have undoubtedly put a zing into what I love doing in my off time. The Garmin Foretrex 201 is a gem, very practical and easy to use, small but durable. I wouldn’t trade it for anything else. A must-have for any speed freak or the average joe like me. But no one can doubt your tracks as electronics has dampened any objections. Here is a sample of what the various sports I track myself with using as the analyzer of what Garmin Foretrex 201 has to submit. Getting personal bests couldn’t be as more fun than using one all the time. It’s a use it and forget it track accumulator for days I really enjoy with friends or just me and it.

Daily bread

Lord wherever you are help me get through the day without any ill feelings towards anybody. I know I only ask your help when in need of one. I leave it up to you to watch over me and my family. Whatever happens I will accept. When you decide to give small blessings thank you in advance. The day is just starting but I know you are there for us all till the very end. I always have had faith in you even though I feel abandoned. I despair only when you don’t show it but will smile when I feel your presence.

De-stressing run

The whole day seemed a forehead knuckling event. So I decided at the very last minute to run and so I did. I hurriedly stuffed a banana and a glass of juice to get me rehydrated. It was good to run the port as it was windy and for the first time just right where the sun was about to set. A couple all dressed in loose white clothing were being instructed by two photographers to do poses with arms outstretched on the edge of the pier. It was an odd but cool thing to see.

It was good to release all that stress. I really didn’t listen to my lungs bursting out for air as nicotine seemed to clog every pore of tissue in it. I was thinking go, go, go as the sea and wind was just comfortable to every huff and step. It was a cool afternoon and nothing could have ever released it better for me. I really don’t like running but for those easy quick to get a sweat and clear everything there isn’t any I could think of which could be freer than this. As I passed the port’s edge nothing could be better seen than whitecaps and wrinkled seas all the way to Panay.


No pain no gain

In order to go past 30 kts. now was the time even though the conditions wasn’t perfect. Wind was strong but shifty. Seas were moderate to rough. A lot of chop and swells. But who would complain the run was more important than the conditions. I didn’t want to go just back and forth slalom like but just speed runs. I went ahead of the guys thinking this was the best time to go. Rigged the same 5.5 sqmtr. sail and 95ltr. board. And on the the third run kapow!  I skimmed above one incoming wave and pearled into the other catapulted in 30kts. but made a peak speed of 31.40kts. Was it worth it? Yes!’s reading and reads 31.07 2sec. peak speed. I bruised my elbow, wrist and saw stars in a grey cloudy morning. Slid my underside on the boom and scraped my ping-pong balls. That hurt like a nylon string passing through your loose grip. Struggled back to shore and iced my elbow. The price of reaching 30kts. in not so perfect conditions but it was done.

Joined up with wifey at the mall having a hard time with my elbows lifting light things and my wrist just turning knobs but it was all worth the effort and a grin to have the day so great even so short on the water. Was cozying up with her on the fastfood eatery while Annika was playing.

Was it all worth it…yess!

Worried about everything

The celfone’s alarm went on at 7am today and for once Jojo’s sms text was oddly missing only to find Dave’s. He asks if I am going to Villarosa beach as Windguro was forecasting 17-20kts. today. I swept the curtain aside and looked above the balcony’s railing only to find grey skies everywhere. The sliding door was dotted with water droplets. Nope not a good day to go windsurfing or kiting if ever I thought. I answered Dave back I might but it looked like a wet rainy day today and he replied so true. But hey it was only 7am and there was enough time left till the tide really goes high.

Went downstairs to find myself a clean cup within the mess of last night’s dinner aftermath. There was a pile of dishes on the sink. Me and Iza were really tired last night to do the dishes. And with eyes not fully open decided to clean one utensil and plate one at a time while the coffee was brewing. How I wish the stay-out maid arrived so I can gift myself with a well deserved few-hours-outing-on-the-beach thing even if it’s drizzling. Wifey came down as well and did her own instant coffee.

Looks like am stuck with Annika now as the hope’s of breaking another 30kts. was dimming fast. Rains came in spurts sometimes heavy. What a dreary morning, the air felt cold, wet and uncomfortable and the rain getting stronger was dampening the t.v.’s newscast as well as my hopes. Oh well I must proceed on. Iza got prepped and left the house just on time as usual and when Annika woke up she just went downstairs like a robot and tuned in to her favorite cartoon network.  She tagged along upstairs and wanted to play Dora on the internet so I let her till we played a Mario brother’s racing game and that was fun I thought. By this time it was already 10:30am and I just wanted to leave the house and try to eat something healthy other than the usual oatmeal. Annika was complaining and whining whilst on the floor that she wanted to be change clothes downstairs but I insisted with in a stronger tone that the room was the place for it. Sigghh! This is a Friday? It’s supposed to fun on a day like this but not really. I myselft looked at the mirror to find myself thinning out fast and needed some real food to raise my weight. I looked healthy but could hear stomach grumbling’s and uncontrolled flatulence. Stress was getting in high gear.

We we’re eating at Jollibee’s and for a brief moment was daydreaming seeing all kinds of folks and thinking to myself how can I better myself than them who had jobs and were way off better than me. I thought about my ATM balance was getting lower and that the last savings was going to be hurriedly siphoned off if I don’t find a job. I looked back and forth at Annika and saw her innocent smile and questions about everyday life. I wanted to tell her if Daddy can’t give her what she wants when she starts growing up she doesn’t complain but couldn’t do it for now as there was time for that. I was worried about my finances, the upcoming 10 day leave of Iza and the summer vacation of Annika. My financial statement was on the yellow mark and about to turn red. Work on the internet wasn’t going to add positive points on my balance but just slow it’s downward pace. My patience with Iza and Annika was sometimes getting thin that a slight complain usually got a short bad tempered remark. I didn’t like this. How I wish life was like before when I had the farm and was living contently. There was little worry and a better feel for us three even if we were living for the now and not worrying for the longterm. The worst part still is even if I was laden with a good bank account I always thought what was for the next month and tried to budget everything. I wanted to send Iza a text message if she wanted to eat or stay out instead of getting back from work and changing into her night clothes but on this day decided not to.

A sunny day in rainy March

I decided to windsurf  last Tuesday till i got tired doing GPS speed runs. I rigged a 5.5 sqmtr. RsRacing evo2, Kinetic Gladiator 95ltr. and MFC 30cm fin. Winds were at 15-25kts on the outside. It’s been  a while since a lot of kiteboarding before this and I thought I might be able to break 30kts.again but got stuck just below it but KA Speed reader posted a 30.02kt max. speed. I still posted all tracks and information on the GPS site founded by my friend Sam Lawson which has a more complete profile. I’d like to believe the latter is more accurate but then again .2o of a knot difference between the two could be debatable.

Even though I was a bit rusty and not in good physical condition with the underside of the  board having tiny of thousand pimples due to wet storage inside the bag still did good runs in not so perfect conditions. Jojo and Chepit were there so to much of their prodding to sail instead of kite I oblinginly did so. Tide was high so large swells on the outside. The sail really has an awesome combination of stability and power. It was pedal to the metal on these  runs even though the glare covered the course you just couldn’t see a thing just sun bouncing off the water.

Drooling with the wind.

it kinda looked like this..well sort ofThe year was 1985 I met a distant  friend Ricky L.  hooked up and decided to go to the still unspoiled island named Boracay. If we went by sea and land it would take us roughly 10 hours to get there. So we decided to rent a “flyable” Cessna at 800pesos for a roundtrip from Bacolod to Iloilo overnight then Caticlan the next morning and vice-versa when done. The old but reliable Capt. Gumayan in sandals was the pilot. He gave us instructions what-not-to-do but I did otherwise-smoke, step on the controls and turned on the boom box. It was a fun flight for a plane that was 30yrs. old. We landed on a grassy carabao grass landing strip in Caticlan then took a motorized outrigger to the island.

We stayed at Mila’s which is I think isFriday’s now. Lodging was 5p/day, food was averaging around 3-5p/meal and beer 1p. It was drink, sun, swim,sun,drink,dine,drink,sleep. One of our favorite places to drink was obiously the beach where the winds were howling during that habagat (southwest) winds. One afternoon something caught my interest that I just got mesmerized. Three foreign windsurfers just blasting back and forth through the waves parallel to shore. It was amazing I “wanted that bad!” I was guided to Richie another foreigner who rented out Mistral windsurfing equipment and signed up for the next day’s rental.

He outlined  me the points of sail through the wind with his finger on sand and off we went with his wife who was going to be my guide. I was drooling at the sight of those magnificent corals as I was hanging on with all my strength just to stay afloat on the Windsurfer class board. On that day I got picked up by a  banca(rowboat) 3 times and to me it was fun. The wind was offshore so it was hard to tack an go closer back to the beach. The day ended up having a beer with the island’s pure natives. I reminded Richie’s wife that I tore a little bit of dacron sail and she said ‘don’t worry I won’t mention a thing’..that was comforting. Ricky by this time was a bit tipsy already but me I was on a high the whole day.” I said to myself am not done yet. When I get back to the U.S. to finish college I will make sure to take lessons.”

A taste of the vast blue.

During the early 80’s my Uncle Tetu who was an avid sport fisherman invited me to go with him to San Vicente, Cagayan for a fishing trip. I was only 13yrs. 0ld at that time and my mom hearing about this told me to ask permission from my dad as it was an open sea fishing trip and a bit dangerous for me. I told my uncle to call up my dad as I knew he’d turn me down. So he did and a few days later we were off for Tuguegarao by plane then another 4 hours by land to Aparri. The site of our tents were pitched near the beach with participants coming over for the ever first Philippine Game Fishing Open would be held. My Uncle brought two girl friends of his but most of the fishing where just me and him. Sailfish and dorado were the most abundant catches in the area. I got fried with sunburn all that week as sunblock lotion wasn’t really thought of before. We caught a few and it was so fun zigzagging the area of a hundred kilometers of deep blue trolling. Occasionally lunch was had in one of the smaller islands and I’d immediately go snorkeling catching my first green shrimp on a coral rock. It was a curious thing to catch. We caught a lot of porgy fish amongst the shallows on our lunch breaks amongst the tinier!

Bored but breathing.

During class I would be bored listening to the teacher. I guess the attention span in those times was just too short or too dreamingly lax as I knew well what the subject matter was I just had good grades then. I started timing myself how long I could hold a deep breath and got better from 30 to 60 seconds just to pass the time. I had fun doing it maybe I could make use of this in the future. 

In the beginning…

I remember so vividly as a 3rd grade kid daydreaming in the middle of class unmindful of the teacher and it went somewhat like this, ‘ Holding a cigar on the left hand and on the right a glass of liquor whatever was inside it I would never know. The sun was out and I was sitting on a wooden chair on top of a white yacht with brown handrails looking at the huge sail above me catching the slightest breeze. On the foreground was the open sea  with a slight  undulating movement and as blue as can be’.  What a dream for an 8 year old I thought! Kids my age wouldn’t have thought of that…maybe.  Maybe I was born of the sea and would love every bit of it. Up to this day i still find it unique to me why of all thoughts that ran through my mind during those young years would be just that. I could have thought of something else like flying a huge kite but then it was what at that instant.