Hold and hold till the end.

Apnea swimming isn’t new to me. I loved doing it in any size pool. So when there is a pool available I do 25meter freedive swims back and forth. I think it does help increase my lung capacity when playing hoops with the younger gents of this place. It calms my senses especially when it’s mid-morning the full sun is out and the swimming pool is all to myself but today it wasn’t. It was cloudy and another swimmer was doing the loudest splashes in his butterfly stroke but I just tried to block it out.



After a long, long time and a different place.

Getting started again on this and see where I left off, wow! that was sometime ago years to be exact. It becomes a bore but if I think about it, I wouldn’t be at this shape and age if I never did anything.  Am now in Cebu one island west of Bacolod. There isn’t much wind for windsurfing and kiting and am down to a few remaining activities which are swimming, apnea swimming, running and an a weekly game of hoops. Six years and a few days ago was the last time I posted here. It’s good to read your thoughts eons ago. It feels nostalgic like you were there as it happened on that particular day. For today, I had decided to run so at least I fulfilled one half of my quota for the week.



Sweat and wet for the Foretrex 401 and 201.

There couldn’t be anything better than running with wifey in the morning. She invited me even to my comments that her shoes weren’t really meant for it but it was better to sweat with my other half than see her unfit for every day life. I decided to use the Foretrex 401 for the run as it could defy buildings of the unnecessary spikes if need be. It was a pleasant run with me urging her to run then brisk walk every 100 meters or so. Soon enough our sweat was worth the talk on the curbside commenting on all types of runners around the city hall. It was a comfortable rest on the shade and just talk about anything under it. However, at that point I could sense the northeast trade winds coming in as the huge flag was starting to blow on the right direction. But I still had lots of time for it. I was a bit worried I was already lost the poundage for my frame and adding another activity could increase the loss but to kite or windsurf the 2nd day of the tradewinds was very inviting. We went home took a shower and I still had lots of energy to burn. Waiting patiently for the forecast to change but still it was a breezy day with little clouds to form into thunderclouds. I left wifey to her own plans for the day as I had already previously planned for this and off I went. Punta Taytay seemed different after a season, lots of changes on the seawall and to the kite and sail tenders that I knew but they still were there one more year aged and a lot taller than before. We didn’t wait but pumped up the kite as the crowds were thin and the water shallow enough. This time I brought the ever trusty 201 and strapped it on eagerly. The sun was out and a constant breeze from the north made it a perfect side-on shore wind. Perfect conditions not for jumping but for cruising but with occasional hops of chops. I loved this day just a perfect tan and wet and cool for the rest of the day. Was it a tiring but wholesome day for me as we capped it off with drinks with other friends and especially with wifey.



Boosting air on a first monsoon outing.

The morning seemed a sleepy one. The night before Sam tried to invite by chat to go to Lakawon Island for a windsurfing trip on a monsoon season. I knew from past experience the place would be ‘rockin’ and indeed it was at 30 -35 kts. but I declined due to the fact I still had a job to finish  and by all accounts I’d be unfit to “hold” on to slalom equipment at which my smallest sail would be rated at 25-max 30kts and flat water including my level of fitness. Pros certainly could hang on with ease but not me at this moment. And so the group went on however what struck me was it was a Saturday morning and if i could have a few hours of sleep I could easily go for a quick ride locally using windsurfing or kite equipment. I woke up at around 1pm and decided I should be able to sneak-in a quick one. I initially thought of Bredco port but decided to go to Bong’s place instead and when I arrived the tide was so low. So comes the kite equipment, was I glad to have brought it. I could sense it was at least blowing 15kts outside the walled compound. Me and the help Gilbert didn’t waste much time and laid out the lines, pumped up the  12mtr.kite and with a few instructions launched. I brought two GPS units but chose the Foretrex 201 for now as it was easier to reset the max speed if there was a chance for speed runs. If not for poor Gilbert who was watching in the sun as a precaution I wouldn’t have stopped. It was good to see people tending plowing the low tide water for crustaceans and small fish and it was an indicator for me how deep the water was. With the center adjustment straps and pigtails at full depower boosting up on air was still a bit hairy as the wind had gusts to 18kts. But the part that I really enjoyed was getting wet for the first monsoon season.




Running in between squalls past 3pm. and 3kms.

I wanted to sweat so bad I waited for the rains to stop. And so in between hooked on the Garmin 401 and an H20 mp3 player and took off. Sportstracklive’s calendar for this week looked quiet for me so might as well add color to it even though I wasn’t really in good shape. I was sleepy, tired and crummy after a mid-afternoon lunch and not the best nutrition-wise. I just crammed as much pork and rice just to feel full and lots of banana’s as filler. The mp3 player was acting up so I had to stop and fix it to work on stereo sound. Several times it did and I made a personal excuse to rest in between as I was huffing anyways. My legs felt like lead and after every stop it felt better and better as the sweat was starting to flow. It’s unusual for me to be running past 3kms. and at past 3pm. but trying to run in between rainy squalls was the idea here.



Garmin 401 reception and a hot run.

Ahhh! finally good to run a longer distance for my standards on a Sunday morning. I wanted to catch some sunlight to at least give me a light tan and not turn anemic. I decided to take the La Salle avenue route around my alma mater and avoid the traffic which on a Sunday should be nil to light. But I got surprised when it’s turning out to be just like Monday’s light traffic. Dodging cars, pedicabs and public utilities can be annoying but then again it’s not the most suitable place to run quietly. The Garmin Foretrex 401 is really amazing for receptiveness. I tried as much to hug the perimeters of buildings and houses to see if there are spikes when uploading to sportstracklive and to my surprise still none. What surprises me most is on the last 200-300 meters back to home there is a double track which to me is impressive as I did run back on the same street but on the opposite side instead and it clearly defines it instead of just one single line. My worry is the rubber flap for the usb port on the unit which if you slide it in the pouch and take it out everytime may cause it tear one of these days but hopefully shouldn’t be the case. I tried to run as slow as I could in the beginning but somehow can’t get a consistent 8-9kph average. I always unconsciously end up above 10kph for the first kilometer or so and go slightly higher as I warm up my legs. It’s good to run a different route and not encounter stray dogs running after you. Am glad after uploading the tracks no single spike occurred and spurious readings that can make me a world class sprinter instead. I finally got my good dose of ultraviolet rays and extra vitamin c’s. Cooling down took at least an hour to subside and to me that was real excellent. Hopefully my combustion chamber gets rid of the excess nicotine. Yuckk!


The morning shift run..a first.

I couldn’t have done it better. The 10pm to 6am shift has it’s toll on me as any other day but this morning was different. Coming from a weekend am back to sleeping after lunch so I hope. There was no sleepiness on the job and I was worried about tossing and turning on my bed especially with light drapes. I wish it was dark as a bat’s cave and no ray of light whatsoever. I knew I had to do something and going for a topless run around my neighborhood would definitely be a enriching melatonin effect. I was starting to look pale compared to a month back. I just downloaded progressive house tunes and with 8mb per song I thought it would be a 3 track run and so it was. I was running into the sunlight and away and around the tree shadows that dotted Villamonte. The usual people were still sipping their coffee and trying to yawn it out. As for me I have to be tired so hopefully an easy sleep would happen in two hours time. It was a nice cooler on the balcony which took an hour to shed off sweat just enough time to upload the tracks onto GPS Trackmaker and onto sportstracklive. Now my calendar is getting full again for August. How I wish it was the tradewind season so I can start doing watersports but would have to settle with what’s doable. And to make things better this is a first for me jogging this early in the morning..nice! http://www.sportstracklive.com/track/map#JPCuaycong/Running/Villamonte-suburbs/exercise/297745/ful

Running without direction but having fun.

It’s a Sunday and to me the weekend just started. I woke up at 10:30am which to me was the first time in years besides the New Year’s eve and occasional night outs. I planned on running but I had to give it a go instead of waiting for food to be digested as I wanted to sweat hard. It was hot alright and  but came the middle part of the run I decided to go topless in the streets of Bacolod City. I really had no planned route and just estimated a 3km. length.  I was overheating but soon the clouds turned gray and became windy the last 2/3rds of the route. According to my calendar I haven’t done anything sporty since last Tuesday and that is a lot to me. I smoked about an hour prior and yep it did hurt my time and distance and the spikey effect on my chart says it all.


I do hope I can do this sometime Tuesday or the latest Wednesday. Getting to do some strenous activities after work is good for the soul. My body is still adjusting to the time difference. Hope to get a good night’s rest instead of being an owl all night. Congratulations again to Garmin F401 for making the tracking points not spurious even with narrow streets and in between buildings.

A first family running affair.

When I heard wifey for the first time she wanted to jog around the Bacolod City Government Center why not. Even with a few hours sleep I ddn’t hesitate as she wanted to bring our daughter Annika as well. To me this was a first she wanted to sweat instead of lying after work. It was great to see us three trying our best to jog. Well it started out walking and coaxing Annika not to run instead jog which to kids is a new term and can’t be done without repeated instructions. I kept turning circles around them as they slowly crawled and sped past me. I didn’t have the lungs and was a bit woozy of the midnight shift that I decided to sprint 100 meter increments then slow down and jog back to them and continued circling them. Nice bonding time sports as a medium instead of the usual movie or eating out. I should have strapped the Foretrex 201 to wifey as she was asking for it earlier and after asked if that was a personal best for her.


Running for sweat without much sleep.

I was happy to run despite a lack of sleep from work. Work starts at 10pm to 6am for me and the time for sleep can’t really be scripted. It’s either I was too groggy or couldn’t understand if I was just sleepy. But for today I just decided to sleep from 8am till around 12noon then decided to run as it was getting hot. The sun was peering into the room despite the drapes and I hate a glint of light when sleeping but I won’t complain because I made a run through our neighborhood in the mid afternoon. I hate running and the only thing that keeps me going is the urge to exercise. If it wasn’t for a gps unit and a track analysis software to me it’s non-sense. Being a smoker isn’t the best complement for running. I went to the grocery store to buy the essentials and bought myself some nutrition water and cereal bars just to give me a bit of boost. It was the same kind of neighborhood run where I had to pace a pedicab to make running smoother and tried to avoid wandering street dogs.My legs were like jelly and just had to overcome it. I wanted to fit it in my schedule so I could sleep at least another hour in the late afternoon.  Even as I write this and had done finishing the uploading process and a quick shower my sweat is still pouring out from my pores with the airconditioning at full blast. The walls of this house just seem to ooze like an oven. I do really miss being in the water as always but for now this will do and hopefully in the next few days.