Running in between squalls past 3pm. and 3kms.

I wanted to sweat so bad I waited for the rains to stop. And so in between hooked on the Garmin 401 and an H20 mp3 player and took off. Sportstracklive’s calendar for this week looked quiet for me so might as well add color to it even though I wasn’t really in good shape. I was sleepy, tired and crummy after a mid-afternoon lunch and not the best nutrition-wise. I just crammed as much pork and rice just to feel full and lots of banana’s as filler. The mp3 player was acting up so I had to stop and fix it to work on stereo sound. Several times it did and I made a personal excuse to rest in between as I was huffing anyways. My legs felt like lead and after every stop it felt better and better as the sweat was starting to flow. It’s unusual for me to be running past 3kms. and at past 3pm. but trying to run in between rainy squalls was the idea here.


Running on Satan’s playground.

It felt like Satan’s playground today. Heat was very intense than high noon. Trucks and various forms of carriers were buzzing about and lifting fine sand into the air. There was a bit of monsoon wind at which I tried to avoid that dust cloud the trucks were spewing by going the opposite the wind direction. My H20Man mp3 player was annoying me instead of soothing me down. I tried to find the best music track nevertheless my sense of touch and sight was very keen on finishing what I started.

I stepped on the unpaved portion of the route and hurt the soles of my right foot a bit. It must have been a sharp pebble or stone. I didn’t look at the new Garmin Foretrex 401 not single moment as I just wanted to minimize upper movement and concentrate on the running instead. Funny how I watched my shadow and it seemed like it too wanted to limp back as well. Ayways  I did reach the gasoline station where I started from and was it a cool place to simmer down.