Salty sweat on the eyes.

Five agonizing days in the hospital waiting for my daughter Annika to feel better. I’d rather hear comments from doctor’s saying she might have bowel problems instantly than just observing and doing tests. It turned out okay though as the doctor said it was renal impaction due to an event as I heard it right. But for me having to lie down on a bench with hard foam was hard on my back and the average sleep length was 4 – 5 hours at the most. When we got out I immediately thought of going for a run to straighten and loosen up all my back and leg muscles. It felt I had bed sores from just single positions during sleep.

On this particular run sweat of my eyebrows and forehead were drenching my eyes making it a terrible running affair. Not only wasn’t there any wind and the heat factor in the salty sweat on the eyes doesn’t make for a comfy one. I would try to squint one eye and alternating in order not to stop. I didn’t even bother to look at my GPS and how I was doing as I knew the pace was just sub-par for me. It was incredibly a listless afternoon no wind to even cool myself just the apparent wind I was creating. I was surprised I did well personally. It felt good.




First sail of the Habagat season.

Ahhh! good to be back on the water after more than two months of no wind for windsurfing. The Habagat(southwest monsoon) season has arrived. Lakawon island was the first sailing spot to be sailed and it always gets windier by 5-10 knots than most places in Negros Occidental. The nice thing about it there seems to be no rain when you could see the whole of the main island full of grey and black clouds bearing rain.


It’s a first for me not to bring any smokes on the island just to get my lungs up to par. It sure did but my grip and ¬†forearms weren’t. I wasn’t really fully tired only that I was getting a bit cold but happy about the quick session. We were hit with a twenty minute squall without rain bringing around 30 plus knots and whipping up sand that we just had to take cover as we got pelted in every open crevice. The wife and friends of Bong did much hiding with most of their beach clothing up to their faces. Plastic plates and all light items had to be secured till it simmered down to 20 kts.

Hot run equals dripping wet.

Even with a slight breeze still it was one of the hottest runs I have done so far. The sun was out with a few clouds but was it searing hot. I had to take at least two breathers for such a short course. The port extension was a bit quiet today which made it nice. But then I could hear my own feet running in what seemed like a desert outback. I was inhaling and exhaling in both my nostrils and mouth. I knew it was all hot fumes and nothing else. As I turned around the western bend I could see the blue lovely sea and what a sight so soothing.

It was good to see just two dump trucks and as for the rest they were on their lunch breaks. It seemed like the port was emptied on a holiday. Two dredgers were pumping out mud and seawater and what a sight. Funny when you see the last kilometer and it looks like it never ends. Searing hot and drippin’ wet. After the run I was dismayed my average GPS average was below than last. Always a next time. I kept on circling the tiny gas station to cool off.

Running with Annika.

Doing activities that are sporty in nature with my daughter Annika is always a fun thing to do. It may irk me at times but I have to understand the psyche of a 5 year old. Today we ran again for the 3rd time I knew she would run for about 500 meters then start walking and so it did. She steadily walked picking up weeds, grasses and flowers and would¬†frolickly run with a devilish grin but I know she has the lungs and legs to play around like that. She knew the drill already as soon as I ran farther away she just kept walking and if she felt alone would cry out to keep me going back to her. So I added mileage to the run doing circles around her. I was looking at the GPS and could see we weren’t halfway yet but already more meters on the trip odometer. I wish it was a swimming pool track and boy would it be fun seeing her just slapping water through the route. I told her the finish line was were we left off and she raised her hand and shouted ”yes”! That was fun to hear.