The morning shift run..a first.

I couldn’t have done it better. The 10pm to 6am shift has it’s toll on me as any other day but this morning was different. Coming from a weekend am back to sleeping after lunch so I hope. There was no sleepiness on the job and I was worried about tossing and turning on my bed especially with light drapes. I wish it was dark as a bat’s cave and no ray of light whatsoever. I knew I had to do something and going for a topless run around my neighborhood would definitely be a enriching melatonin effect. I was starting to look pale compared to a month back. I just downloaded progressive house tunes and with 8mb per song I thought it would be a 3 track run and so it was. I was running into the sunlight and away and around the tree shadows that dotted Villamonte. The usual people were still sipping their coffee and trying to yawn it out. As for me I have to be tired so hopefully an easy sleep would happen in two hours time. It was a nice cooler on the balcony which took an hour to shed off sweat just enough time to upload the tracks onto GPS Trackmaker and onto sportstracklive. Now my calendar is getting full again for August. How I wish it was the tradewind season so I can start doing watersports but would have to settle with what’s doable. And to make things better this is a first for me jogging this early in the morning..nice!