Sailing on all angles.

Fun! It was the only word I could describe it. It has been a long time since I sailed a Hobie 16 with the Philippine team that placed 3rd in the national games. It was fun hiking out and manning the jib. The skipper became deadweight on the middle and his own crew became the tiller guy. We weren’t all out but it was good to be sailing on a different craft with two other guys.

I kept calling the speed in knots on the GPS every 2-3 seconds so the the skipper could tell the difference beating upwind and screaming downwind. We crisscrossed the 20 Optimist sailors while they were having their last and final heats. Winds were at 10-14kts and how I wish it was a steady 12-18kts. and flatter water. But at the end of the sail it reminded me of years past when we were having fun doing it.

Topless run as always.

Ever since I started the thought of running short distances, running topless was just natural for me as I got used to running at midday. Today it felt better than two days ago. I guess a bit more water and sustenance did the trick. I smoked heavily during the early morning coffee brew which is always my favorite start for my day.  The men and women who work on the port are used to seeing me run around without a shirt on as they themselves do with minimal clothing and heavy head wear for the heat.

As soon as I started to run I had to avoid trucks that lifted dust and dirt off the unpaved portion of the extended port. Their always in a hurry to dump filling material. As soon as I approach an oncoming truck I go upwind to avoid this. It was an easy run. I remembered from yesterday talking to the orthopedic doctor it’s okay to exert more but ‘listen to your body’ so today I just took it in stride and run an easier pace. Just for sweats anyways. I tried not to look at the GPS and instead look at my watch that am within my usual tracks.

Running hot.

Incredibly hot conditions. A tropical depression just drenched us a few days back and it’s awfully hot even on the car. I decided to do an excercise run even when I didn’t feel like it but it did happened. I stopped twice on the run briskly walking to not overdo it. It was a good sweat but even with a breeze on the port the GPS showed I was a lot slower than the Government center site. I guess the part of the port hasn’t been paved yet making it 25% harder to run more stably.

I felt running on a paved desert but even for 20 minutes of just running it beats sitting down. I ended up the short run as usual  circling the gas station about twice to cool off and sit down for about the same and talk to the cashier. I always  thank  them for having a look out for me. If am not back in 4o minutes to please check the route. Better safe than discovered. 

Good to be wet and tired.

I must be nuts running in rain but it did happen. It’s a Sunday and everyone is in their houses or somewhere else watching the upcoming Pacquiao-Mosley fight. The City Hall I ran at even had a trailered flat screen but with the rains and only a small tarp there were only a dozen or so people watching. I should have worn proper running shorts and shirt as it was already clinging to my skin. Sweat never had a chance to ooze out quickly. Only did I feel it when I wore a clean shirt. Anyways it always feels good to be wet and tired.

Running GPS tracks and eating different stuff.

I don’t think i would ever run without a GPS strapped on me. It’s been a faithful companion all these years even though I jog less than 5kms. I know exactly where the 1km mark is give or take 10meters. If it was in the same area I know I jogged more than the last time at a faster pace. I have never ran with a companion I guess it’s the time of day I do it. It’s just awfully hot. But am so used to it whether it’s dark or sunny coming to dusk I still end up with the same numbers.

Today I just needed to do a run to get the cobwebs off of me. I had nothing more than two cups of oatmeal for breakfast followed by half a cup of chocolate rice crispies, rice, one fried egg and chorizo and two glasses of juice. I slept for about half an hour as I couldn’t stand it.

As soon as I was done it took at least an hour for my sweat to subside. I had passed by a fruit stand and bought two native pineapples and sineguellas. Maybe that should cool me at least as it’s in the freezer ready to be eaten as soon as am done with the shower.

Windless, slacks and 50 umbrellas.

What a day! Not a single leaf swaying.  It’s a windless day and just in time for the rains to appear almost making every move on the streets unenjoyable. Cars and trucks moving at a snail’s pace. And as for me I was stuck trying to fill out work applications especially when the last one was almost two decades ago. It’s a different world inside an office environment. I couldn’t have imagined how lush the carpeting was years ago. Much more wearing slacks and collared shirts did make me uncomfortable feeling heat from neck to toe. It’s been awhile since I have worn long pants two days in a row. Mostly it would only be during weddings, social events and sadly burials. But this is how life is getting windswept or looking for pesos to feed the family.  I was happy I was accepted on these two jobs at my tender aging life but it made me feel dry as a ‘fish out of water’.

Windguru didn’t do well too.  Precipitation looked obvious the whole week. Was I glad I brought a sweater as it would suddenly rain seemingly without warning. My usual self was left staring at a distance while drinking coffee on the off-hours after applying for jobs. It didn’t feel sad just a dreary sight to remember. Splashes everywhere and one thing that really caught my eye was about 50 umbrellas stacked before the entrance to a company’s door.

It looks like I’d be doing some running tomorrow as wind seems to be at a loss. I need it anyhow. Hours of testing. evaluation and interviews got the most of me and I feel just brain dead. Somehow I stood up to the test and passed every piece of paper, computer tests and simulated phone calls thrown upon me. It was a mental game more fierce than mother nature’s tradewinds pushing my physical substance to the maximum. A windsurfing buddy called me and told me i’d be ‘****ed’ if I started working this June and all I answered him was, ‘there’s more important things to life than windsurfing or kiting’. I guess I was just being my true self ready for the problems of the real world.

Mad winds and not so following seas.

It wasn’t fair the seas weren’t ‘following seas’ it was a mad boiling pot of diagonal swells and machine wash chop. I thought it would be a GREAT time to break records. But as for anyone there always be the right time and conditions. I didn’t last long as i was bouncing off chop and swell without intently doing it.

I kept looking at my GPS every run I made because it furiously felt fast only to see sub 29’s but I don’t mind. It’s the nature of the game. Even so if it wasn’t for this piece of electronic device attached to my forearm I wouldn’t be going really deep off the wind. It’s a boom or bust game. My thoughts were locked on attacking the chop and forming swells but I could only do so much.