Windless, slacks and 50 umbrellas.

What a day! Not a single leaf swaying.  It’s a windless day and just in time for the rains to appear almost making every move on the streets unenjoyable. Cars and trucks moving at a snail’s pace. And as for me I was stuck trying to fill out work applications especially when the last one was almost two decades ago. It’s a different world inside an office environment. I couldn’t have imagined how lush the carpeting was years ago. Much more wearing slacks and collared shirts did make me uncomfortable feeling heat from neck to toe. It’s been awhile since I have worn long pants two days in a row. Mostly it would only be during weddings, social events and sadly burials. But this is how life is getting windswept or looking for pesos to feed the family.  I was happy I was accepted on these two jobs at my tender aging life but it made me feel dry as a ‘fish out of water’.

Windguru didn’t do well too.  Precipitation looked obvious the whole week. Was I glad I brought a sweater as it would suddenly rain seemingly without warning. My usual self was left staring at a distance while drinking coffee on the off-hours after applying for jobs. It didn’t feel sad just a dreary sight to remember. Splashes everywhere and one thing that really caught my eye was about 50 umbrellas stacked before the entrance to a company’s door.

It looks like I’d be doing some running tomorrow as wind seems to be at a loss. I need it anyhow. Hours of testing. evaluation and interviews got the most of me and I feel just brain dead. Somehow I stood up to the test and passed every piece of paper, computer tests and simulated phone calls thrown upon me. It was a mental game more fierce than mother nature’s tradewinds pushing my physical substance to the maximum. A windsurfing buddy called me and told me i’d be ‘****ed’ if I started working this June and all I answered him was, ‘there’s more important things to life than windsurfing or kiting’. I guess I was just being my true self ready for the problems of the real world.


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