Hold and hold till the end.

Apnea swimming isn’t new to me. I loved doing it in any size pool. So when there is a pool available I do 25meter freedive swims back and forth. I think it does help increase my lung capacity when playing hoops with the younger gents of this place. It calms my senses especially when it’s mid-morning the full sun is out and the swimming pool is all to myself but today it wasn’t. It was cloudy and another swimmer was doing the loudest splashes in his butterfly stroke but I just tried to block it out.



After a long, long time and a different place.

Getting started again on this and see where I left off, wow! that was sometime ago years to be exact. It becomes a bore but if I think about it, I wouldn’t be at this shape and age if I never did anything.  Am now in Cebu one island west of Bacolod. There isn’t much wind for windsurfing and kiting and am down to a few remaining activities which are swimming, apnea swimming, running and an a weekly game of hoops. Six years and a few days ago was the last time I posted here. It’s good to read your thoughts eons ago. It feels nostalgic like you were there as it happened on that particular day. For today, I had decided to run so at least I fulfilled one half of my quota for the week.



Kayaking upstream against the current.

Good to touch water again in a different mode of transportation, kayak. My friend Baby L. picked me for a quiet exploring of Sum-ag river in Punta Taytay, Bacolod City. It looks a loud from all that traffic from the bridge but as you go further upstream it becomes more quieter and peace sets in. I’ll take anything like this when stress abounds. The good thing about this activity is we could talk about life in general as we were paddling along the river banks. With all that quiet I guess even our normal voices could be heard by a few onlookers who were behind trees looking to see what those echoing voices are about.


The water was a bit darker brown as the rains from the previous day and the early morning has probably added to the silt but it still was nice seeing people setting up crab traps, fishing lines and nature. I saw a lizard which could have been a juvenile monitor jump into the water and sensing that the current was too strong swam as hard as it could and jump back up followed by a meter long snake in grayish color a few seconds later. I know reptiles don’t eat their same kind…I might be mistaken though. The Garmin Foretrex 401 was still receiving and recording as we did our exploring stop under a canopy of trees and relieving ourselves. It was a fun 2 and a half hour ride. Forgetting problems is nice for a change. I just didn’t like the echoing sound of two karaoke houses by the river banks and that chainsaw that was even annoying. But to some it all up different perspective from civilization. We had to make a u-turn as the increase in elevation was turning current into rapids. Going back was a relaxing thing as we were with it and less effort on paddling.

Windless, slacks and 50 umbrellas.

What a day! Not a single leaf swaying.  It’s a windless day and just in time for the rains to appear almost making every move on the streets unenjoyable. Cars and trucks moving at a snail’s pace. And as for me I was stuck trying to fill out work applications especially when the last one was almost two decades ago. It’s a different world inside an office environment. I couldn’t have imagined how lush the carpeting was years ago. Much more wearing slacks and collared shirts did make me uncomfortable feeling heat from neck to toe. It’s been awhile since I have worn long pants two days in a row. Mostly it would only be during weddings, social events and sadly burials. But this is how life is getting windswept or looking for pesos to feed the family.  I was happy I was accepted on these two jobs at my tender aging life but it made me feel dry as a ‘fish out of water’.

Windguru didn’t do well too. http://www.windguru.cz/int/index.php?sc=6209  Precipitation looked obvious the whole week. Was I glad I brought a sweater as it would suddenly rain seemingly without warning. My usual self was left staring at a distance while drinking coffee on the off-hours after applying for jobs. It didn’t feel sad just a dreary sight to remember. Splashes everywhere and one thing that really caught my eye was about 50 umbrellas stacked before the entrance to a company’s door.

It looks like I’d be doing some running tomorrow as wind seems to be at a loss. I need it anyhow. Hours of testing. evaluation and interviews got the most of me and I feel just brain dead. Somehow I stood up to the test and passed every piece of paper, computer tests and simulated phone calls thrown upon me. It was a mental game more fierce than mother nature’s tradewinds pushing my physical substance to the maximum. A windsurfing buddy called me and told me i’d be ‘****ed’ if I started working this June and all I answered him was, ‘there’s more important things to life than windsurfing or kiting’. I guess I was just being my true self ready for the problems of the real world.

Daily bread

Lord wherever you are help me get through the day without any ill feelings towards anybody. I know I only ask your help when in need of one. I leave it up to you to watch over me and my family. Whatever happens I will accept. When you decide to give small blessings thank you in advance. The day is just starting but I know you are there for us all till the very end. I always have had faith in you even though I feel abandoned. I despair only when you don’t show it but will smile when I feel your presence.