Hold and hold till the end.

Apnea swimming isn’t new to me. I loved doing it in any size pool. So when there is a pool available I do 25meter freedive swims back and forth. I think it does help increase my lung capacity when playing hoops with the younger gents of this place. It calms my senses especially when it’s mid-morning the full sun is out and the swimming pool is all to myself but today it wasn’t. It was cloudy and another swimmer was doing the loudest splashes in his butterfly stroke but I just tried to block it out.



After a long, long time and a different place.

Getting started again on this and see where I left off, wow! that was sometime ago years to be exact. It becomes a bore but if I think about it, I wouldn’t be at this shape and age if I never did anything.  Am now in Cebu one island west of Bacolod. There isn’t much wind for windsurfing and kiting and am down to a few remaining activities which are swimming, apnea swimming, running and an a weekly game of hoops. Six years and a few days ago was the last time I posted here. It’s good to read your thoughts eons ago. It feels nostalgic like you were there as it happened on that particular day. For today, I had decided to run so at least I fulfilled one half of my quota for the week.