Boosting air on a first monsoon outing.

The morning seemed a sleepy one. The night before Sam tried to invite by chat to go to Lakawon Island for a windsurfing trip on a monsoon season. I knew from past experience the place would be ‘rockin’ and indeed it was at 30 -35 kts. but I declined due to the fact I still had a job to finish  and by all accounts I’d be unfit to “hold” on to slalom equipment at which my smallest sail would be rated at 25-max 30kts and flat water including my level of fitness. Pros certainly could hang on with ease but not me at this moment. And so the group went on however what struck me was it was a Saturday morning and if i could have a few hours of sleep I could easily go for a quick ride locally using windsurfing or kite equipment. I woke up at around 1pm and decided I should be able to sneak-in a quick one. I initially thought of Bredco port but decided to go to Bong’s place instead and when I arrived the tide was so low. So comes the kite equipment, was I glad to have brought it. I could sense it was at least blowing 15kts outside the walled compound. Me and the help Gilbert didn’t waste much time and laid out the lines, pumped up the  12mtr.kite and with a few instructions launched. I brought two GPS units but chose the Foretrex 201 for now as it was easier to reset the max speed if there was a chance for speed runs. If not for poor Gilbert who was watching in the sun as a precaution I wouldn’t have stopped. It was good to see people tending plowing the low tide water for crustaceans and small fish and it was an indicator for me how deep the water was. With the center adjustment straps and pigtails at full depower boosting up on air was still a bit hairy as the wind had gusts to 18kts. But the part that I really enjoyed was getting wet for the first monsoon season.