After a long, long time and a different place.

Getting started again on this and see where I left off, wow! that was sometime ago years to be exact. It becomes a bore but if I think about it, I wouldn’t be at this shape and age if I never did anything.¬† Am now in Cebu one island west of Bacolod. There isn’t much wind for windsurfing and kiting and am down to a few remaining activities which are swimming, apnea swimming, running and an a weekly game of hoops. Six years and a few days ago was the last time I posted here. It’s good to read your thoughts eons ago. It feels nostalgic like you were there as it happened on that particular day. For today, I had decided to run so at least I fulfilled one half of my quota for the week.



Running with Annika.

Doing activities that are sporty in nature with my daughter Annika is always a fun thing to do. It may irk me at times but I have to understand the psyche of a 5 year old. Today we ran again for the 3rd time I knew she would run for about 500 meters then start walking and so it did. She steadily walked picking up weeds, grasses and flowers and would¬†frolickly run with a devilish grin but I know she has the lungs and legs to play around like that. She knew the drill already as soon as I ran farther away she just kept walking and if she felt alone would cry out to keep me going back to her. So I added mileage to the run doing circles around her. I was looking at the GPS and could see we weren’t halfway yet but already more meters on the trip odometer. I wish it was a swimming pool track and boy would it be fun seeing her just slapping water through the route. I told her the finish line was were we left off and she raised her hand and shouted ”yes”! That was fun to hear.