Hold and hold till the end.

Apnea swimming isn’t new to me. I loved doing it in any size pool. So when there is a pool available I do 25meter freedive swims back and forth. I think it does help increase my lung capacity when playing hoops with the younger gents of this place. It calms my senses especially when it’s mid-morning the full sun is out and the swimming pool is all to myself but today it wasn’t. It was cloudy and another swimmer was doing the loudest splashes in his butterfly stroke but I just tried to block it out.



Little fins and growing gills.

Chepit invited me and family to go to his hacienda house on the foot of Mt. Kanlaon in La Castellana last Saturday and with the winds howling that day it still seemed a good idea to bring Annika for a swim instead of windsurfing or kiting. I thought swimming with my daughter would be a fun affair and it turned out that way. I could see Annika going past 20 seconds under water and smiling at it seeing my watch go past it. She was getting mad I was lying on the pool floor for close to 3 minutes and arguing she wanted to dive and go through my legs. She’s definitely earning her gills and I was proud of it. Without any hesitation she prefers to swim under than above doing breast strokes ¬†and giggling she could glide a meter. For me it was a confidence builder knowing she could be comfy under water than doing freestyle strokes above water.

Everyone was out of the pool for a big lunch of lamb spareribs, pasta, fried bananas, rice and salt-cooked chicken topped off with native coffee. It was a belly busting chow and no soon enough did Annika hit the water again. I decided to join her even as the rest were taking it easy. She was getting daring jumping off from 1 to 2 meters off the lip of the spring pool. I thought when I was a kid her age at 5 years old that’s a bit scary but let it be for her. As long as she knows am in the pool to grab her she definitely enjoys doing it.