Garmin 401 reception and a hot run.

Ahhh! finally good to run a longer distance for my standards on a Sunday morning. I wanted to catch some sunlight to at least give me a light tan and not turn anemic. I decided to take the La Salle avenue route around my alma mater and avoid the traffic which on a Sunday should be nil to light. But I got surprised when it’s turning out to be just like Monday’s light traffic. Dodging cars, pedicabs and public utilities can be annoying but then again it’s not the most suitable place to run quietly. The Garmin Foretrex 401 is really amazing for receptiveness. I tried as much to hug the perimeters of buildings and houses to see if there are spikes when uploading to sportstracklive and to my surprise still none. What surprises me most is on the last 200-300 meters back to home there is a double track which to me is impressive as I did run back on the same street but on the opposite side instead and it clearly defines it instead of just one single line. My worry is the rubber flap for the usb port on the unit which if you slide it in the pouch and take it out everytime may cause it tear one of these days but hopefully shouldn’t be the case. I tried to run as slow as I could in the beginning but somehow can’t get a consistent 8-9kph average. I always unconsciously end up above 10kph for the first kilometer or so and go slightly higher as I warm up my legs. It’s good to run a different route and not encounter stray dogs running after you. Am glad after uploading the tracks no single spike occurred and spurious readings that can make me a world class sprinter instead. I finally got my good dose of ultraviolet rays and extra vitamin c’s. Cooling down took at least an hour to subside and to me that was real excellent. Hopefully my combustion chamber gets rid of the excess nicotine. Yuckk!

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