GPS birthday run.

Wake-up time: 7:00am on alarm
Snooze times: about 3, Why: slept past 3am because of yakking dogs with hormonal dysfunctions True wake-up time: about 7:30am
Event: Birthday run at the port. Other names: Bredco Port ext. a.k.a. Satan’s loop to me.
Time planned: 11:00am, Why: just because it’s double the effort and a physical examination at 2pm Why: it’s been like that ever since, well not exactly at those times.
Initiator:, Reason: addicting piece of track analysis program, Creator: A brit hiding in his lofty pad watching people sweat it out, Affiliation: none whatsoever, just a sailing buddy
Breakfast pre-menu: Batangas brew, 2 cigs
Menu: oatmeal, 2 pcs. wheat with jam, powdered orange juice
Attire: tangerine yellow shorts in cotton, blue, white and grey running shoes, sleeveless tee but not worn, Other: laced up sunglasses a must, REI water pouch frozen not stirred
Electronic gadgets: Garmin Foretrex 401, H20Man waterproof mp3 player, song tracks: from Alicia Keys to Ziggy Marley
Time at Bredco: 10 something Weather: hazy skies with full sun Temp: 35deg. Celsius, Pavement temp: enough to do scramble eggs, Start area: Petron gas station, warm-up area: same as Start area. Pick me up music track: Van Halen”Jump” Pick me up line: “I get up and nothing gets me down, I like to jump and go round and round, And I know how just it feels”, Distance when music played: past 1.5km
Finish it music track: Lighthouse Family “Ocean Drive”, Finish it music line: “Don’t know why you’re so blue, Sun’s gonna shine on anything you do, And the sky is so blue”,Distance when music played: last 300 meters or so
Stress factor: absolute zero, Sweat rate: gallons per minute
Emotional content: High with delight, Cooling down period: one hour, Physical effort: 110 percent, Physical content left: will do it again and again and again Why: Garmin says so and sportstracklive concurs, So: i’ll do it on windsurfing, kiteboarding, SUP’ing and anything that skims and receives satellite signals, Comments to others: get one and log on
Credits: I’d like to thank Maricel of Petron Gas Station for keeping watch over me, Reward: a bottle of cold Mountain Dew
Appreciation rating: 10 of 10 Affected: wifey, Annika, Result: hard earned dinner at Kaisei, Worth: every penny and cent
Oh about that physical exam; bpm rest: 50, bpm normal: 62
Weight yesterday: 165lbs. Weight today: 164lbs. Other comments: Foretrex 401 at start showed a 2mtr satellite lock-wow! that probably is the shortest I have seen since the 201’s usual 15-30mtr. lock which explains for the shorter distances and faster speeds and more accurate no spike jumps. Overall feeling of elation just because I did my birthday run as planned. As for why I don’t do it farther I never liked running except for the reason’s answered above.


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