Running and taking off past the poo.

After a two hour work application session with a company I decided to go across the street which was the old Bacolod City airport. There the airport’s runway was accessible and I decided to go for a run. I had brought with me my shorts and sunglasses and water to hydrate in the garage and to change clothing as well. I didn’t mind the two persons sweeping the surroundings as it was a bit dark.

The tarmac was obviously deserted with grass and weeds creeping up and sideways onto the pavement except for a few cows and goats. As I ran halfway to the end of the runway I had to avoid their poo which was dotting the area although dried it just didn’t seem right to squash on top of it. There were a few people crossing the runway once in awhile to make a shortcut to the edge of the sea and tend to their nets. I tried my best to at least run one loop without stopping but with a longer track and a searing sun I didn’t want to overdo it. There was prevailing wind coming from the southwest at around 10-11kts. and if I estimated myself to be running at around 4-5kts. The upwind push of 15kts was a bit harder to do so but gratifying to see the sea with small occasional whitecaps. Going back to my start position was a bit easier with the wind to my back but I must have slowed to a walking pace about 4 times to get some needed air in my lungs. There was no place to cool off except for the hangars but were private and closed so I decided to drive home immediately. Even with the car’s air conditioning on my sweat was everywhere inside the car.


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