Good to be windswept once again after all that running.

I’t been awhile to be on water once again. The chances of having light winds in Pulupandan a municipality about 20kms. or so south of Bacolod City as a bit risky. I checked out Windguru and it says 8-10kts so maybe I could take a chance and go for a lightwind kiting session. This place is either too light or very blusterous winds, extreme really. Well wifey was going on a get together with her officemates and my daughter Annika was playing with her cousins so that really left me with no other choice. I’d like to bring windsurfing equipment but I don’t have big sails. So with wifey’s car off I went not knowing they were following me on another car going to their picnic place. Winds were very shifty at first. It was so trying to punch through the white water and on to flatter water that I decided after 45minutes to call it quits. But since I traveled that far might as well make the most of it since there was none to do the whole day. I told the two buys who tended the kite to have some lunch first then when they come back I’ll decide if I go out again. And when they did come back. The wind’s picked up to a very consistent 11-13kts. There were gusts that got the 14mtr. kite with a pull that suddenly picked me upright even when depowering hence at least twice stumbling on wavelets.

Boy was it good to get wet again immersed in cool brownish water and get windswept. It was pure cruising up and down the coast meeting fisherman across the way with only white teeth that could be seen when smiling. There was this old man who was waving thumbs up for me and wanted me to go nearer to him as he tended to his nets. But at this time my knees and calves where trembling with such a short time kitieboarding. I guess it has to do with a more static stance than the usual running. I really was so happy and contented driving home and wouldn’t trade it for anything else.


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