Slip and slide on a running trail.

I thought jogging was a non-hazardous sport but then it depends where you tread. As usual the GPS was on my left and the H20Man on the right bicep. As soon as I hit rubble after a paved tarmac on or about 700 meters..slip and slide! fell to my left with my hands trying to protect my face and slid on my back and saw the sky just above. Tried to get up and check but luckily a scrape on my hand left leg and an aching bulge on my hip. That was odd i thought. It felt embarrassing falling down but no one in sight. And really I didn’t care as long as I could continue the run home. My neck and left ear was full of mud and dirt so too was my shirt but didn’t know the extent of the dirt I accumulated on my back white tee shirt. It just rained the day before and the portion of the unpaved track was a bit slippery especially with mud on pebbles.

As soon as I finished shook off the dirt what I thought was left but no wonder people on the market on the way home were saying on the background ” he must have swam in the seaside”. They just don’t know how much fun it is for a change.


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