Running with Garmin and H20Man.

With a Garmin Foretrex 201 on the left bicep and a H20Man waterproof MP3 player on the right I was running wired. The mp3 player’s cord bothered me for the first 500 meters but I found it relaxing after that. Sounds ironic that I’m using it on dry land instead of on the water. I couldn’t even hear my inhaling and exhaling! And the results made me happy as my average moving speed went past 10kph well 10.21kph to be exact. I was hoping for a ‘wet’ or rainy run as the clouds were out but missed the rain by an hour or so. This was a good run for me as I finished the whole short circuit without stopping.

Usually as always I slow to a snail’s pace at the last 200-300 meters or so and suddenly sprint or run faster to put up a good maximum speed. But today none of that happened as probably the song track on the last hundreds of meters was kind of upbeat dance music with the phrase which kept rewinding on my head from it “I’ll forgive you even if you don’t even try” and ironically by Nushooz(I have tattered running shoes am waiting to get rid of and look for another one).


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