Salty sweat on the eyes.

Five agonizing days in the hospital waiting for my daughter Annika to feel better. I’d rather hear comments from doctor’s saying she might have bowel problems instantly than just observing and doing tests. It turned out okay though as the doctor said it was renal impaction due to an event as I heard it right. But for me having to lie down on a bench with hard foam was hard on my back and the average sleep length was 4 – 5 hours at the most. When we got out I immediately thought of going for a run to straighten and loosen up all my back and leg muscles. It felt I had bed sores from just single positions during sleep.

On this particular run sweat of my eyebrows and forehead were drenching my eyes making it a terrible running affair. Not only wasn’t there any wind and the heat factor in the salty sweat on the eyes doesn’t make for a comfy one. I would try to squint one eye and alternating in order not to stop. I didn’t even bother to look at my GPS and how I was doing as I knew the pace was just sub-par for me. It was incredibly a listless afternoon no wind to even cool myself just the apparent wind I was creating. I was surprised I did well personally. It felt good.





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