First sail of the Habagat season.

Ahhh! good to be back on the water after more than two months of no wind for windsurfing. The Habagat(southwest monsoon) season has arrived. Lakawon island was the first sailing spot to be sailed and it always gets windier by 5-10 knots than most places in Negros Occidental. The nice thing about it there seems to be no rain when you could see the whole of the main island full of grey and black clouds bearing rain.


It’s a first for me not to bring any smokes on the island just to get my lungs up to par. It sure did but my grip and  forearms weren’t. I wasn’t really fully tired only that I was getting a bit cold but happy about the quick session. We were hit with a twenty minute squall without rain bringing around 30 plus knots and whipping up sand that we just had to take cover as we got pelted in every open crevice. The wife and friends of Bong did much hiding with most of their beach clothing up to their faces. Plastic plates and all light items had to be secured till it simmered down to 20 kts.


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