Hot run equals dripping wet.

Even with a slight breeze still it was one of the hottest runs I have done so far. The sun was out with a few clouds but was it searing hot. I had to take at least two breathers for such a short course. The port extension was a bit quiet today which made it nice. But then I could hear my own feet running in what seemed like a desert outback. I was inhaling and exhaling in both my nostrils and mouth. I knew it was all hot fumes and nothing else. As I turned around the western bend I could see the blue lovely sea and what a sight so soothing.

It was good to see just two dump trucks and as for the rest they were on their lunch breaks. It seemed like the port was emptied on a holiday. Two dredgers were pumping out mud and seawater and what a sight. Funny when you see the last kilometer and it looks like it never ends. Searing hot and drippin’ wet. After the run I was dismayed my average GPS average was below than last. Always a next time. I kept on circling the tiny gas station to cool off.


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