Topless run as always.

Ever since I started the thought of running short distances, running topless was just natural for me as I got used to running at midday. Today it felt better than two days ago. I guess a bit more water and sustenance did the trick. I smoked heavily during the early morning coffee brew which is always my favorite start for my day.  The men and women who work on the port are used to seeing me run around without a shirt on as they themselves do with minimal clothing and heavy head wear for the heat.

As soon as I started to run I had to avoid trucks that lifted dust and dirt off the unpaved portion of the extended port. Their always in a hurry to dump filling material. As soon as I approach an oncoming truck I go upwind to avoid this. It was an easy run. I remembered from yesterday talking to the orthopedic doctor it’s okay to exert more but ‘listen to your body’ so today I just took it in stride and run an easier pace. Just for sweats anyways. I tried not to look at the GPS and instead look at my watch that am within my usual tracks.


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