Running hot.

Incredibly hot conditions. A tropical depression just drenched us a few days back and it’s awfully hot even on the car. I decided to do an excercise run even when I didn’t feel like it but it did happened. I stopped twice on the run briskly walking to not overdo it. It was a good sweat but even with a breeze on the port the GPS showed I was a lot slower than the Government center site. I guess the part of the port hasn’t been paved yet making it 25% harder to run more stably.

I felt running on a paved desert but even for 20 minutes of just running it beats sitting down. I ended up the short run as usual  circling the gas station about twice to cool off and sit down for about the same and talk to the cashier. I always  thank  them for having a look out for me. If am not back in 4o minutes to please check the route. Better safe than discovered. 


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