Running GPS tracks and eating different stuff.

I don’t think i would ever run without a GPS strapped on me. It’s been a faithful companion all these years even though I jog less than 5kms. I know exactly where the 1km mark is give or take 10meters. If it was in the same area I know I jogged more than the last time at a faster pace. I have never ran with a companion I guess it’s the time of day I do it. It’s just awfully hot. But am so used to it whether it’s dark or sunny coming to dusk I still end up with the same numbers.

Today I just needed to do a run to get the cobwebs off of me. I had nothing more than two cups of oatmeal for breakfast followed by half a cup of chocolate rice crispies, rice, one fried egg and chorizo and two glasses of juice. I slept for about half an hour as I couldn’t stand it.

As soon as I was done it took at least an hour for my sweat to subside. I had passed by a fruit stand and bought two native pineapples and sineguellas. Maybe that should cool me at least as it’s in the freezer ready to be eaten as soon as am done with the shower.


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