Tired but fired up.

Tiring day! I guess three days straight of water play does get to you. Especially if the winds are a bit strong and shifty. I enjoy every minute but the tiredness is setting in. It’s good for the body though. If one part hurts on the muscles I know something is either improving or just overworked. The beach looked fun today with lots of sunbathers out on the water as the tide was just right. Chepit was enjoying his runs but was getting overpowered. I am lucky to hit 30kts. on some runs. The course was very choppy because of the crosswinds but who would complain.


The little guy who sells us peanuts-unshelled, garlic and honey roasted is starting to open up to us. He’s a cute kid who keeps counting his hard earned money and keeps asking us if the new 20 peso bill is authentic. He thinks it’s play money. He likes to hang out around us now and for once he can now sell us peanuts in an open tone of voice.


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