On low batteries.

Am poofed all alone by lonesome right now. Miss wifey who’s out of town on a family reunion. Feels weird the house is too quiet. My daughter doesn’t want to leave her cousin’s at my in-laws. Should be time to sleep a long night and try to do some washing around the house. Just light stuff without exertion. Miss them a lot when it’s just two nights. But ironically when their here it’s like chaos. I’d like to read a book but am a bit sleepy. My fingers are doing the talking on automatic without me having to think about. S;pontaneous..am still itchy in the eyes with all that salt and sun. Ate some pasta with toast and a ton of butter to give me a little boost tomorrow moving. Energy level is at an all-week low. My GPS is on low battery and I need to really discharge it for longer life. Maybe it too is weak. I was offered two tickets for a fashion show tonight but didn’t think twice about it. What I could only think is rest. What would I wear anyways. It’s too chick a party to go to anyway. I have been wearing shorts the past 20 yrs. or so and my stock of pants and semi-formal attire seems to be out of date. Something productive is in the plan for tomorrow. I need to have my ten year old Timex watch fixed. I hope it’s just the batteries and none else. I can only think of something sweet to chew on like black chocolate unfortunately I should have passed by the convenience store. Am I getting too old for my activities or just need more sustenance? Maybe both but I tend not to think so of the former. Tomorrow is going to be a brand new day and till then will my body dictate what can be done tomorrow.


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