Chops and hops.

A bit windier today as I turned the bend going up the seawall leading to Villarosa beach. Darn I should have brought the windsurfing kit. Am amazed about this place when all is dead calm in the city which is close to the sea there isn’t much wind you could feel but get to this place and a venturi effect happens.

469 calories is what all it took to finish the GPS track. I requested Sam to recalculate the formula for calories and says he will adjust mine to a lower level. Now this will really thin me out. I hope am doing the right thing. I told him yesterday why the ‘heated run’ had only 300 plus calories while most of the kiteboarding had 1 thousand plus. And he did adjust on the kiting tracks. I returned a reply to him a few minutes ago that it “was nice and 2 cheeseburgers worth of calories”.

Back to the run..It was a bit cloudy with the sun jutting in and out. And it was nice to see whitecaps forming all over. It was choppy all right. I was a pogo stick if not for my knees and calves. I tried to do fast runs but couldn’t control it. Nevertheless, jumping was a really fun aspect of today’s kiting. The two boys Popoy and Ardee where on hand to give me a launch and retrieval with their pics on this page. It’s a blessing to have these kids help us all out rigging windsurfing equipment, launching, etc..they enjoy being around with us.


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