Ready for take-off at a snail’s pace.

I felt like a fish out of water after the week’s windsports. I’ve been to this old runway before and surveyed it and must be a good place to run and it is. It felt daunting to me when the guys at a tycoon’s hangar tells me the runways about 2.2kms. long. Oh what the heck am here already might as well.

I started easy then tried to pick up the pace but my legs where like full of lead from the weeks windsurfing and kitesurfing. I tried to run the perimeter of the runway as much as I could but a cow or two would be standing right on the path. There was dried poo all over and broken beer bottles but in bits and pieces. The headwinds were a bit tough to run through but it’s part of the run which makes it all fun. I was just imagining how a Boeing Airbus overshoot the runway killing dozens across the riverbanks and plowing through the bars after the banks. On the opposite end it was great to see the sea and whitecaps dotting the surface. People who were going to their outriggers and tending to their cow’s were looking as if I was a mad man running in the midday sun. After the run it was good to sit in the hangar’s shade and talk stories with the watchman on how the owner amassed millions of dollars.


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