Kite crashes and smiling faces on a Good Friday.

Arrived early at Villarosa beach around 8am to get a headstart kiting on the water before the crowds come pouring in. The wind was just good enough at 12-14kts. and so I used a 12mtr. and the Cabrinha lab rat with homemade fiberglass fins. I knew I was doing good runs warming up from 23 to 24kts. Even though I don’t have speed equipment I’d like to think it is. Well I think the pure essence of kiting would be cruising, jumping and tricks but since I don’t know how to do the latter might as well do speed. Am happy with the GPS tracking of 22kts on the 500mtrs. I crashed on one of those runs when the board couldn’t hold it’s grip on the water. Not much power I guess going really downwind. So I re-adjusted and went for it again but the winds weren’t holding it’s course but wavering from side to onshore. Still at 24kts. plus that’s good enough for a peak. If only the fin didn’t break loose. Siggghh..can’t have everything. Another day another time and I can better my personal best.

Started jumping and twirling around smiling people on the water it was a lot of fun. I tried to pick up a loose ball but unfortunately too slippery and crashed the kite hard. That’s one cardinal sin I wouldn’t do next-never lose sight of the kite. It’s a Black Friday and by the time I got back to the beach I was amazed at how many people, karaoke’s and cars were parked. Still it was nice to be solitary with nature but smile at someone on the water or getting a wink in return.


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