Shifty winds and wrinkled seas

It was good to get out of the house especially the room. I tried to finish my assignment but couldn’t as Annika was buzzing about me wanting to play games on the internet. Anyways I was brain dead to finish what I started since 9am. The wind was just pounding on the sliding door and the drapes were flying out of control inside the room. Surprise, surprise to hit 30kts. max. speed on the sportstrack website. Every run I did seemed just as slow as the next. The winds were so shifty I couldn’t find the sweet spot of the sail even on broad reach. The water around me was very wrinkled and seemed mad but I couldn’t figure out what was wrong with the power. I loosened the outhaul to milk every square meter of the 6.0 sail.

Funny how 27kts. was so hard to get 2yrs. ago. It just feels like cruising speed. And I was getting disappointed I wasn’t nailing 28 everytime I glimpsed on the GPS. It seemed a bit too slow. I had to wait for the gusts to really fill in then off again from the shallows to slingshot downwind. It was a pretty sight though wrinkled seas against a flotilla of pumboats anchored off the oyster beds. Shifty winds today so I guess 32kts. has to wait another day. All the time I thought another day at just the right moment with the right conditions.


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