Sunny run and windy scenery

Good to run under the hot sun once more. I could really feel the difference compared to cooler hours but I loved this one. Dump trucks carrying filling material to and from the Bredco port extension where spewind dust and sand as they recklessly drove by. It didn’t matter to me only I was sucking it all up when they passed by. Sun was beautiful as usual and what caught my attention all the time was the dredgers spewing water. It was a windy afternoon and there never is a dull moment at the running course. Flat tarmac to off road still unpaved roads makes for good running. There were anglers taking shade and waiting for their lines to snag something. As always I was hoping they could hook one just when I made the turn towards the gasoline station where I started. I wanted to add more to the GPS track but it was a good sweaty run already for me.


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