Smooth seas, light winds and karaoke’s

This has got to be the smoothest kiteboarding I have done in a while. The winds as predicted by Windguru was at 10-12kts. We were all hoping it would go beyond that but never materialized.  Am glad I packed a 14mtr. lightwind kite and a 144cm board besides the windsurfing equipment. We waited till 1pm hoping the winds would pick up but never did. Joemarie was the only lightest guy in the Villarosa squad to keep planing using a 8.5mtr sail and 130ltr. board. I joined him amongst the throngs of beach goers on a Sunday afternoon. With all the karaoke sound systems blaring in one harmonious fashion it didn’t get long till we were about to go nuts.

I nearly got into trouble when I signaled to let go of the kite but it back pedalled and turtled over and relaunched. Pheeww! am glad I remembered the inverted lines were opposite on the bar controls. I could have plowed against the retaining wall but luckily got it back in control. I should know better. The kite and board just sliced into the wind effortlessly and I suddenly transfixed myself into a peaceful state of mind. The water was so smooth and just a bit of wrinkle. No glaring sun and just pure cruising. The center adjustment straps broke so it was on depower mode all the time but still it had heaps of power to pull me without fail back and forth. I skimmed upwind and downwind of a parked outrigger pumpboat and what a site just dotted heads frolicking on the chest deep waters. Some would ask for a ride as I passed by and some would just smile and so did I. But my concentration was on a peace zone not worrying one bit but just enjoying the ride with smooth transistions and no sense of time. I didn’t go for distance or speed on the GPS  but I wish it had a video mode.


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