De-stressing run

The whole day seemed a forehead knuckling event. So I decided at the very last minute to run and so I did. I hurriedly stuffed a banana and a glass of juice to get me rehydrated. It was good to run the port as it was windy and for the first time just right where the sun was about to set. A couple all dressed in loose white clothing were being instructed by two photographers to do poses with arms outstretched on the edge of the pier. It was an odd but cool thing to see.

It was good to release all that stress. I really didn’t listen to my lungs bursting out for air as nicotine seemed to clog every pore of tissue in it. I was thinking go, go, go as the sea and wind was just comfortable to every huff and step. It was a cool afternoon and nothing could have ever released it better for me. I really don’t like running but for those easy quick to get a sweat and clear everything there isn’t any I could think of which could be freer than this. As I passed the port’s edge nothing could be better seen than whitecaps and wrinkled seas all the way to Panay.



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