No pain no gain

In order to go past 30 kts. now was the time even though the conditions wasn’t perfect. Wind was strong but shifty. Seas were moderate to rough. A lot of chop and swells. But who would complain the run was more important than the conditions. I didn’t want to go just back and forth slalom like but just speed runs. I went ahead of the guys thinking this was the best time to go. Rigged the same 5.5 sqmtr. sail and 95ltr. board. And on the the third run kapow!  I skimmed above one incoming wave and pearled into the other catapulted in 30kts. but made a peak speed of 31.40kts. Was it worth it? Yes!’s reading and reads 31.07 2sec. peak speed. I bruised my elbow, wrist and saw stars in a grey cloudy morning. Slid my underside on the boom and scraped my ping-pong balls. That hurt like a nylon string passing through your loose grip. Struggled back to shore and iced my elbow. The price of reaching 30kts. in not so perfect conditions but it was done.

Joined up with wifey at the mall having a hard time with my elbows lifting light things and my wrist just turning knobs but it was all worth the effort and a grin to have the day so great even so short on the water. Was cozying up with her on the fastfood eatery while Annika was playing.

Was it all worth it…yess!


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