A sunny day in rainy March

I decided to windsurf  last Tuesday till i got tired doing GPS speed runs. I rigged a 5.5 sqmtr. RsRacing evo2, Kinetic Gladiator 95ltr. and MFC 30cm fin. Winds were at 15-25kts on the outside. It’s been  a while since a lot of kiteboarding before this and I thought I might be able to break 30kts.again but got stuck just below it but KA Speed reader posted a 30.02kt max. speed. http://www.ka72.com/Results.aspx I still posted all tracks and information on the GPS site founded by my friend Sam Lawson  http://www.sportstracklive.com/track/detail/JPCuaycong/Windsurfing/Villarosa-beach/fun/137921 which has a more complete profile. I’d like to believe the latter is more accurate but then again .2o of a knot difference between the two could be debatable.

Even though I was a bit rusty and not in good physical condition with the underside of the  board having tiny of thousand pimples due to wet storage inside the bag still did good runs in not so perfect conditions. Jojo and Chepit were there so to much of their prodding to sail instead of kite I oblinginly did so. Tide was high so large swells on the outside. The sail really has an awesome combination of stability and power. It was pedal to the metal on these  runs even though the glare covered the course you just couldn’t see a thing just sun bouncing off the water.


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