Drooling with the wind.

it kinda looked like this..well sort ofThe year was 1985 I met a distant  friend Ricky L.  hooked up and decided to go to the still unspoiled island named Boracay. If we went by sea and land it would take us roughly 10 hours to get there. So we decided to rent a “flyable” Cessna at 800pesos for a roundtrip from Bacolod to Iloilo overnight then Caticlan the next morning and vice-versa when done. The old but reliable Capt. Gumayan in sandals was the pilot. He gave us instructions what-not-to-do but I did otherwise-smoke, step on the controls and turned on the boom box. It was a fun flight for a plane that was 30yrs. old. We landed on a grassy carabao grass landing strip in Caticlan then took a motorized outrigger to the island.

We stayed at Mila’s which is I think isFriday’s now. Lodging was 5p/day, food was averaging around 3-5p/meal and beer 1p. It was drink, sun, swim,sun,drink,dine,drink,sleep. One of our favorite places to drink was obiously the beach where the winds were howling during that habagat (southwest) winds. One afternoon something caught my interest that I just got mesmerized. Three foreign windsurfers just blasting back and forth through the waves parallel to shore. It was amazing I “wanted that bad!” I was guided to Richie another foreigner who rented out Mistral windsurfing equipment and signed up for the next day’s rental.

He outlined  me the points of sail through the wind with his finger on sand and off we went with his wife who was going to be my guide. I was drooling at the sight of those magnificent corals as I was hanging on with all my strength just to stay afloat on the Windsurfer class board. On that day I got picked up by a  banca(rowboat) 3 times and to me it was fun. The wind was offshore so it was hard to tack an go closer back to the beach. The day ended up having a beer with the island’s pure natives. I reminded Richie’s wife that I tore a little bit of dacron sail and she said ‘don’t worry I won’t mention a thing’..that was comforting. Ricky by this time was a bit tipsy already but me I was on a high the whole day.” I said to myself am not done yet. When I get back to the U.S. to finish college I will make sure to take lessons.”


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