A taste of the vast blue.

During the early 80’s my Uncle Tetu who was an avid sport fisherman invited me to go with him to San Vicente, Cagayan for a fishing trip. I was only 13yrs. 0ld at that time and my mom hearing about this told me to ask permission from my dad as it was an open sea fishing trip and a bit dangerous for me. I told my uncle to call up my dad as I knew he’d turn me down. So he did and a few days later we were off for Tuguegarao by plane then another 4 hours by land to Aparri. The site of our tents were pitched near the beach with participants coming over for the ever first Philippine Game Fishing Open would be held. My Uncle brought two girl friends of his but most of the fishing where just me and him. Sailfish and dorado were the most abundant catches in the area. I got fried with sunburn all that week as sunblock lotion wasn’t really thought of before. We caught a few and it was so fun zigzagging the area of a hundred kilometers of deep blue trolling. Occasionally lunch was had in one of the smaller islands and I’d immediately go snorkeling catching my first green shrimp on a coral rock. It was a curious thing to catch. We caught a lot of porgy fish amongst the shallows on our lunch breaks amongst the tinier islands..fun!


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