In the beginning…

I remember so vividly as a 3rd grade kid daydreaming in the middle of class unmindful of the teacher and it went somewhat like this, ‘ Holding a cigar on the left hand and on the right a glass of liquor whatever was inside it I would never know. The sun was out and I was sitting on a wooden chair on top of a white yacht with brown handrails looking at the huge sail above me catching the slightest breeze. On the foreground was the open sea  with a slight  undulating movement and as blue as can be’.  What a dream for an 8 year old I thought! Kids my age wouldn’t have thought of that…maybe.  Maybe I was born of the sea and would love every bit of it. Up to this day i still find it unique to me why of all thoughts that ran through my mind during those young years would be just that. I could have thought of something else like flying a huge kite but then it was what at that instant.


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